We've Created a One-Stop Shop, Just For You

We take away the administrative burden by handling everything in-house: sales support, underwriting, boarding, file builds, deployment, customer service, all risk functions (transaction monitoring, chargeback, retrievals, representments, and collections), and all settlement functions.

Direct Settlement

Our ability to settle funds means that we can offer great additional services to your clients that they can’t get anywhere else

RewardPay™ / CashRewards™

Payroc has taken the time and invested the energy in developing two fully Card Brand compliant programs

Same Day Funding

Depositing funds to businesses the same day they batch!

Access to Leadership

Access to leadership and departments to provide you guidance on how to navigate your opportunity.

ISV Integration Support

Fully-documented APIs to accelerate and simplify your team's efforts in selling Integrated Payments

Interchange Management

Tailored Interchange Management tools that you can proactively implement to help your client’s bottom line


Payroc is platform and vendor agnostic, which allows us to recommend the best platform based upon your customer's specific requirements.

POS Systems

Your search for the perfect POS System is over. We support integrations with hundreds of point of sale systems and other software solutions, allowing you the flexibility to choose the solution that is right for your clients. Payroc recognizes that retail store, restaurant, and specialty store owners need a point of sale specifically tailored to their unique business needs. That’s why we sell more than POS systems – we sell complete point of sale solutions.

Data Analytics

Give your customers the power to manage and upgrade their online presence with our powerful marketing analytics platform. Payroc’s data analytics platform automatically monitors vital aspects of your client’s business so they can better understand their revenue, customers, competing businesses, local markets, and more.

Mobile Processing

With Payroc's mobile EMV credit card processing solutions for Android, iOS and tablet, your clients can accept payments anywhere. Payroc’s mobile App for iOS and Android combines an easy-to-use interface with advanced features that streamline accepting payments for your clients.

Gateway Processing

In today’s payment landscape one size doesn’t fit all. Payroc has two propriety gateways but partners with over 20 domestic and non-domestic gateway partners. Our suite of gateway solutions is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions also give you and your clients customization and control for payments within mobile applications and software.


We offer a variety of flexible and affordable EMV ready terminal options, including Verifone, Ingenico, Poynt, Clover, PAX, and Dejvoo – allowing you to set your customers up with exactly the kind of card acceptance they need.

QuickBooks Integration

Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software is by far the most popular do-it-yourself bookkeeping program available for small business owners. If your clients use QuickBooks and also accept credit cards, Payroc supports a direct integration! With a direct integration that seamlessly transfer your client’s transaction details and payment history from a Payroc merchant account to QuickBooks.

Check Processing

Payroc offers ACH solutions that convert paper checks to electronic payments in an instant, eliminating trips to the bank. Electronic check conversion set up is simple and fast.


With Payroc EasyPay℠, your clients no longer have to worry about large, recurring expenses. EasyPay℠ helps your clients manage your cash flow! Many businesses have large recurring bills every month like rent, utilities, vendor payments, even taxes. With EasyPay℠, your client can direct a small portion of each credit card batch to a payee of their choice. They can even pay multiple bills at a time.


AutoSave℠ is a way for your clients to make automatic, frequent, small payments towards savings. They can determine the percentage they’d like to save, we deposit funds directly into whatever savings account they choose.


We’ve got you covered so you can focus on growing your business.

Customized Sales Support

We have a full in-house team dedicated to servicing our Sales Partners. We will provide you with the support you need to grow your book of business.

Same Day Approvals & Deployment

Our in-house deployment and customer service teams make it easy for new customers to switch. Terminals ship the same-day the application is approved. In most cases terminals are shipped to your client and arrive next day.

Tele-Training Team

Payroc offers free terminal installation help and training for your clients so that you can spend more time growing and maintaining your portfolio.

In-house Equipment Encryption

We are equipped to provide specific deployment services, with complete, timely, and dependable results. Guaranteed same day shipping through UPS and FedEx, with tracking and deployment information reported nightly. All terminal technicians are trained and skilled on the operation and programming of all major manufacture’s terminal platforms. Internal quality control check lists are designed for each customer to ensure accuracy in fulfilling customer requests.

U.S. Based 24/7 Client Support

We provide first class customer service because our partners are family and you deserve it. You or your customers can call us directly anytime you have a question, and one of our client support experts will answer.

In-house Risk and Underwriting

When a business gets a chargeback or retrieval request, you want knowledgeable people in your corner to help you process the inquiry, limit potential fines, and your customers back to running their business. That’s why we have an in-house team, ready to help.

In-House Settlement

We are a direct settlement institution, which means we have control of every transaction from capture to payment, with no unnamed third parties along the way. If your clients have special deposit needs. Payroc is positioned to meet those needs.

Pricing Analysis

Our In-house pricing analysis team is available to review current processing rates to see if we can help cut down on one of the most frustrating expenses a business has to deal with - with no cost and no obligation to your prospective customer with a 24 hour turnaround time.

Accessibility to Leadership

Frustrated from having to walk away from a merchant or referral opportunity because you don’t have the support needed to offer solutions to meet their needs? Payroc gives you access to leadership and departments to provide guidance on how to navigate each unique opportunity.


We've created an adaptive platform that can be customized to meet your customers specific needs.

Customer Portal

Your clients receive access to our robust set of reporting tools, InTouch notifications, and a marketing analytics starter kit when they sign up to process with Payroc.

Statement Branding

If you need statement branding with your company logo and messaging, Payroc has technology that can provide the level of customization you are comfortable with.

Schedule of Cost

Our ISO and Agent program delivers customization and flexibility to build an independent brand powered by our payment capabilities that results in more revenue. Payroc has the ability to implement a flexible schedule of cost based on your growth and opportunities.

Referral Programs

Payroc helps give a competitive edge to your referral partners, including community banks, credit unions, accounting firms, lawyers, restaurant groups, co-ops, and serial entrepreneurs. We offer a Revenue Sharing model that helps you build more valuable relationships with your partners.

Terminal Applications

We can help implement a custom terminal application to fit your specific needs. Our experienced project managers, system integration engineers, and developers can support the entire project lifecycle, from concept to implementation and deployment; end-to-end.

Front-End Certification

We provide multiple frontend certifications, so you don’t get boxed out.

Uniquely Certified

Our proven and reliable platform accelerates your implementation without the added risk or cost.

Supported Hardware Partners

Our platform is designed to work with a variety of hardware vendors.

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