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Payroc is a privately held full service payment processor founded in 2003, servicing over 30,000 clients and processing over $10 billion in annual card volume. Our senior management team has over 200 years of payment experience combined. As part of our comprehensive offering, the Payroc Developer Suite is designed to enable technology companies and their clients to accept payments of all kinds through all channels.

Our team has created fully-documented APIs supporting both REST and SOAP implementations, along with code examples and Postman collections, designed to accelerate and simplify your team's development efforts.

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Our API Integrations

Turnkey payment facilitation

Technology driven solutions

Customizable revenue models

Seamless client onboarding

Sales and marketing support

Front-end and back-end support

Developer Focused

Our API interfaces were designed with a mindset for simplicity and flexibility, eliminating the unnecessary. Because of this, you can be up and running with Payroc in just a few minutes.

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Not All Needs Are The Same

Let us tailor an integrated payment solution for you.

Agnostic Model Referral Model Revenue Share Model White Label Model ISO Model
Sales Model Payroc Payroc Shared Partner Partner
Boarding Payroc Payroc Payroc Partner Partner
Underwriting Payroc Payroc Payroc Payroc Partner
Revenue Partner Receives None Partner Receives Small Share Partner Receives Medium Share Partner Receives Large Share Partner Receives Entire Share
Technology Delivery Payroc Controls Shared Shared Shared Partner Controls
Risk Management Payroc Holds Risk Payroc Holds Risk Payroc Holds Risk Shared or Alt Risk Options Partner Hold Risk
Service & Support Payroc Payroc Shared Payroc Payroc

Our Advantages


In today’s ever-changing payments landscape, we know how important it is to have a consistent and reliable partner. Since 2003 Payroc has remained consistent to our mission, core values, clients, partners, employees, key stakeholder’s community, and our message.

In-House Suport

Our customer service teams are cross trained to be able to handle both technical and financial questions from our clients and channel partners. Additionally, you can easily connect with our technical integration and development teams. You can expect real people answering the phone and one point of contact to get the information you need.


Having the information pertinent to your organization at your fingertips makes all the difference. You can expect timely, accurate, and actionable data to be delivered to you without the reliance on third parties. Your clients. Your data. Your way.

Supported Hardware Partners

Our platform is designed to work with a variety of hardware vendors.

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Remove The Complexity Of Payments

Not all terminal integrations are created equal, and not all customer experiences are either.

Use the front-end of your choice with the freedom, security, and capabilities of dozens of Credit Card Devices.

If the device can support it, you can use it.

Payroc provides the connection between your Point of Sale System and your processing Front-End, providing flexibility, choice, and security in payments.

Securely Servicing

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Looking to integrate payment processing into your SaaS or PaaS solution? Contact us at integrations@payroc.com