Eliminate Credit Card Processing Costs

You pay only for debit card transactions. There is no charge to your business for Credit Card Sales.

Card Brand Compliant

Our programs are fully compliant so you don't have to worry.

Customer Welcoming

Only the fees for credit card transactions are passed. Your customers can always pay with a debit card to avoid any fees.

Easy Setup

Payroc houses plug and play equipment in-house.

Transparent Pricing

Payroc provides full transparency on all pricing and programs for you and your customers.

Accept All Payments

All payment types are accepted including ApplePay and AndroidPay.

3 Things You Need To Know

Visa/MC/Discover/Amex does allow for a business to add a surcharge or credit card fee to every credit card transaction.

Participating in a non-compliant program puts a business at a risk of fines from the card brands.

Debit and Prepaid cards must be blocked from adding on a surcharge or “Credit Card Fee” .

CardBrand (Visa/MC/Discover) Requirements

In order to pass a fee along to customers that choose to pay by Credit Card, a business must be in Compliance with the Card Brands. Payroc’s plug and play technology has you covered.

Payroc takes care of that for you and provides you with copies of your registration.
Payroc’s payment technology imposes a 3.99% and pays your Credit Card processing fees so you don’t have to.
Payroc’s payment technology shows the fee as a separate line item.
Payroc provides you and your team with all of the required signage at no cost. If you are running pay at the table, we also have you covered so your customers are aware when they are presented their bill.
Payroc’s payment technology auto-detects if the payment is a debit or prepaid card and processes those cards without a fee.
Payroc payment technology processes both the fee and base amount as one lump sum.
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