We Can Help Educate Your Staff

One of the biggest contributors to your program’s success is how educated your staff is on the program you enroll in. Regardless of Cash Discounting or Surcharging, you have a responsibility to properly understand and train your trainers. Once adoption amongst your staff is accepted the transition to customer acceptance can be 100%.

In either program you’re giving your customers alternative ways to pay.

Offsetting your cost of accepting cards allows you to put more money into your staff, customers, marketing, and overall establishment. This benefits your business’s entire ecosystem.

After all, spreading $2,000 or $200,000 of annual card acceptance cost incrementally to every customer doesn’t burden each customer as much as it burdens your business by absorbing the entire cost.

What we find most frequently is that cardholders, business owners, and staff may not understand the influx in Reward Cards (cards that earn points, miles, cash back, “perks”), and that they are ever so increasingly being paid by the business that accepts the Reward Card.

In 2008, only 32% of cards in the market were deemed rewards. Today that number has jumped to 68%. CapitalOne just released a card that is 4% cash back when accepted in the Hospitality Space. They’re onto it!

Here are a few simple life principals that we have found helps staff mitigate concerns a customer may have.

Empathize. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and let them know you understand how they feel. (“That sounds very frustrating. If I wasn’t expecting to pay a fee for using my Credit Card I’d be upset, too. BUT you can always pay by Debit Card, Cash, or Gift Card and not pay the Surcharge or Checkout Fee").

Apologize. Say you’re sorry, even if you have done a great job of explaining.

Offer a solution. The solution will depend on what program you are running. If Cash Discount, you can lead them to an ATM or offer them an in-store Gift Card. If you’re applying a Surcharge on a credit card, walk them through their options of paying by debit card, cash, or gift card to avoid paying a fee. They have to pay by Debit Card, Cash, or Gift Card and they will not pay a Surcharge or Checkout Fee. You can offer them a complimentary coffee, beverages, or dessert. Know when to request assistance. If the situation escalates, get a more senior employee to assist.

Know when to request assistance. If the situation escalates, get a more senior employee to assist, such as the shift manager or owner could help to mitigate a customer issue.

Ultimately, the customer may simply want to be heard. If you are sensitive to that and your staff is sensitive to all of the benefits your business can provide by lowering or eliminating processing costs, you’re going to really enjoy our program.

Now that you’re armed with these program tips, you should be able to walk into either program with a comprehensive understanding and get your team quickly up to speed and ready to do what they do best.

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